The Guitar Doctor

The Guitar Doctor (TGD) provides one of the finest restoration work, fretwork and setup for guitars and ukuleles in Singapore. Fully equipped workshop with state of the art PLEK machine and professionally acclaimed luthiers are ready to solve all your guitar and ukulele issues.


"I’ve engaged the services of The Guitar Doctor a few times now and I have never left dissatisfied. In fact I’m always impressed with the level of finesse and attention detail they put into their work I had a tough project for him one – removing the binding on my ES335 and upgrading it to 6105 Stainless Steel Frets.  When the job was done, it was so clean and the frets are so level, the guitar is still a dream to play.” --- Divian Nair, Radio Presenter, TVhost, Actor, Director 
"I have sent a number of bass guitars to Lionel for PLEK and setup. Always satisfied with his work. Very professional and knowledgeable, with great attention to detail. Highly recommended!"--- Reginald Khoo, Session Bass Player 
"Thanks to the Guitar Doctor for reviving my 2 guitars especially the Ovation. Playing on the Ovation is never same again. The Elixir strings and the setup was tremendous. It sounds even better and the playability is so good than the first time I bought it 12 years back.” --- David Tan, Guitar Collector

"Hey Lionel, just want to say that both the Tyler and the PRS plays and fantastic and what a difference a PLEK Setup makes!” --- Tristan Siu

"Brought my bass to Lionel for PLEKing. Excellent customer service and highly professional in setup. I play with extremely low action but nothing is too difficult for Lionel. Thanks again for the wonderful setup. Cheers! --- Amos Poh, Session Bass Player