The Vault

The world of used and vintage instruments can be daunting for most. At The Vault by The Guitar Shop, we provide you with the knowledge and expertise to navigate through this challenge. We appraise each instrument objectively and give an honest assessment on its history, playing condition, and value. Together with the ever reliable The Guitar Doctor, you are assured that your precious instrument is in its top condition.
The Vault offers you the best opportunity to sell your guitar fast without any hassle. Our loyal clients depend on us to provide them with the finest instruments in the world may it be new or in a preloved condition.

Consign Your Instrument

Give us 100 days to find a buyer for you. We will appraise your instrument's potential market value based on its condition. In case your instrument requires any work to restore it to its prime condition, it will be done with your consent and fees will be billable once the item is sold / collected.

Trade In Your Instrument

If you have an instrument to sell to fund another purchase, why not just bring it to us and offer a trade! We will help identify your instrument's value and put together an irresistible trade offer