About The Guitar Shop

Established in 2019, The Guitar Shop is the home of the finest and widest collection of guitars and ukuleles in Singapore. We are a bunch of passionate guitarloving people who are always ready to assist you in your search of the best instruments, accessories, and service.  With decades of experience and deep technical knowledge, you will only receive the best advice as you search for your dream guitar and ukulele. Backed by the world-class highly-certified The Guitar Doctor, expect only the best repair and maintenance work on your prized instruments. Enjoy first-class service whether it is through our online store or at our physical shop. 

Why The Guitar Shop? We carry a substantial variety of guitars for you to compare and find the sound YOU are looking for, catered to your needs and wants. Our friendly, professional and experienced staff will help pinpoint exactly what you want, and steer you in the right direction. Brands we carry include: Martins Guitars, Taylors Guitars, Lakewood Guitars, Maestro Guitars, Eastman Guitars, Furch Guitars, and more!

We are not just a guitar shop, we are The Guitar Shop.

What We Offer

Specially Curated Guitars & UkulelesUsing our experience, we source the world for the best instruments that represent the very best of today’s workmanship.

Price-Match GuaranteeWe offer a price-match guarantee for brand new guitars within 14 days so that you can focus on choosing the right guitar and not be distracted by pricing.

Expert AdviceWith a very experienced and highly-knowledgeable retail team plus the world-class The Guitar Doctor, expect only the best advice and service on your instruments.

The Guitar Vault. Find your dream guitar on our pre-loved selection while we help you find a new owner of your current one.

The Guitar Show. Tune in and get useful information, receive exclusive offers, or just simply enjoy as we geek out on guitars and other guitar-related stuff.



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