Martin GPC13E Acoustic Guitar


Martin GPC13E Acoustic Guitar

S$ 2,345.00

Show-stopping Looks, Road-ready Construction

Fans of the Martin Road Series in need of enhanced performance and bolder looks will find lots to love about the GPC-13E. This stunning instrument builds on the foundation of the popular GPC-11E model with a solid spruce top and unique ziricote shell packed with beautiful wood grain streaks and bright clear tone that’s perfect for fingerpicking. This roadworthy acoustic-electric features a comfortable Grand Performance body style. The Grand Performance is true to its name and built for onstage comfort with crisp articulation, a contoured waist, and a cutaway for easy access to the upper frets. That comfort travels up the body and to the neck where a Martin Performing Artist neck and richilite fingerboard deliver a modern feel that widens as you play up the neck for more precise fretting. Plus, a gorgeous mother-of-pearl soundhole rosette and white top and back binding take the GPC-13E’s stage presence to the limit. When it comes to plugging in, Fishman MX-T electronics ensure quality amplified acoustic tone with volume and tone controls as well as a built-in tuner with automute for discreet stage tuning and a phase switch for frequency management at high or low volume. Get road-ready features with a luxury look with the GPC-13E acoustic-electric from City Music.

Comfortable Grand Performance body style

The forward, balanced tone of the GPC-13E comes from its Grand Performance body style, which provides excellent projection and focus with a warmth that doesn’t boom in the low end or harsh out in the higher range. This sound is popular for both fingerstyle nuance and full-chord strumming. The Grand Performance size gives you more lows than 000 models, but is still supremely comfortable during marathon gigs.

Quality solid tonewoods deliver timeless tone

The Martin GPC-13E’s tonewoods typically aren’t found on guitars with a price this competitive. The top is solid Sitka spruce, an enduring popular choice wood for organic, well-balanced tone. Sitka spruce helps each note sing with plenty of power and clarity that players demand. The back and sides feature bold ziricote, a prized tonewood with lots of beautiful dark grainy streaks and tonal characteristics similar to ebony and Brazilian rosewood; with balance across bass, mid, and treble frequencies, the GPC-13E embodies a recipe for vibrant tone that both you and your audiences can appreciate.

Smooth-playing Performing Artist neck

Whether you’re recording for hours or playing out late into the night, you’ll be glad you got a Martin GPC-13E. The GPC-13E features one of Martin’s outstanding Performing Artist series necks, with a slimmer feel towards the nut that widens towards the upper frets for plenty of anchor space and comfort that allows you to play those extended sessions without fatigue.

Fishman MX-T electronics with auto-mute tuner

Powerful Fishman MX-T electronics let you plug in anytime, anywhere. MX-T electronics yield a natural amplified tone with plenty of ways to fine-tune the sound to your liking via volume and tone controls, a built-in chromatic tuner with auto-mute, and a phase switch for cutting feedback or boosting bass when you need to push the Fishman system at very high or low volumes.

Martin GPC-13E Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Classic Martin tone and craftsmanship with modern features built for the road
  • Comfortable Grand Performance body style delivers clear, articulate playing and a slim feel with a big sound
  • Solid sitka spruce top delivers bold resonance and modern acoustics
  • Ziricote veneer back and sides shape sound with transparent clarity akin to ebony and rosewood
  • Body cutaway ensures good access to upper frets
  • Martin’s Performing Artist neck profile features a modern taper for comfortable fretting both high and low
  • Premium accents including a mother-of-pearl rosette and white top and back binding
  • Fishman MX-T electronics offer quality amplified acoustic tone with lots of flexibility