KamiNari Ukulele Cable 3M SS


KamiNari Ukulele Cable 3M SS

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The Kaminari Ukulele cable inherits the sound characteristics from the Acoustic cables, plus reduced the weight and is designed especially for the Ukulele.

It uses the same materials as the Acoustic cables so there is no change in quality
It was made from original Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) cable in Japan. It achieves a perfect balance between tight treble sound and warm rich low-range.
The Cable thickness is changed allowing the size to be changed to make it easier to handle and results in less strain


The Ukulele cable is 5mm to make it more usable with the Ukulele. And the Plug is made of solid brass which means a better more solid and lasting connection (less cable failures)

Usually the Acoustic cables use only Neutrik plugs , but for the ukulele cable we used the same plug as the MERSEYBEAT 60`s cable , It reduces the size and weight and makes for a more natural sound really blending well with nylon strings.