Aquila Sugar Concert High G
Aquila Sugar Concert High G


Aquila Sugar Concert High G

S$ 15.00

Made using  bio-plastic derived from sugarcane that was recently discovered in Italy, the Aquila Sugar Ukulele strings produce brilliant, clean and prompt sound.

Compared to Fluorocarbon strings, Sugar strings have an excellent vibrato and a significant timbre variation when changing the right hand position from near to the bridge to over the sound hole. They contain both the sweetness and melodiousness of Nylon, and the brightness and promptness typical of Fluorocarbon.

Another important property is the sustain, which by scientific measurements is superior to any type of string currently available in the market.

Another feature that has been measured is the sound power: our scientific tests have shown that it is superior to that of Fluorocarbon strings.
Although the surface is extremely smooth, the grip on the fingers is remarkable.