[del] UT-CO CSB C (1703-0213)
[del] UT-CO CSB C (1703-0213)
[del] UT-CO CSB C (1703-0213)
[del] UT-CO CSB C (1703-0213)
[del] UT-CO CSB C (1703-0213)

Maestro Island Series

[del] UT-CO CSB C (1703-0213)

S$ 1,799.00

Slightly bigger than the concert ukulele, the Tenor ukulele offers  an overall sound and tone that is even fuller than it’s counterparts making it an excellent choice for performers as a rich full sound can be achieved. Having more frets, players would also able to reach higher notes on the fretboard.

Known to be very beautiful wood, Cocobolo typically changes colour being cut. It offers everything Brazillian Rosewood offers; increased power, sustain and volume, along with its beauty in colour and figure.

SHAPE | Tenor
SOUNDBOARD | Solid Western Red Cedar
BACK & SIDES | Solid Cocobolo
FEATURES | Florentine Cutaway, Soundport, and Beveled Armrest
BRACING | Quarter Sawn Adirondack Spruce
LINING | Rigid Rim Technology
BINDING | Flame Maple with Abalone Purfling
NECK | Khaya Mahogany with Carbon Fiber Rods
BRIDGE | Ebony
SERIAL NUMBER | 1703-0213

Shipping will be calculated volumetrically at 15kg.