[del] UC-K SB C (1703-0275)
[del] UC-K SB C (1703-0275)
[del] UC-K SB C (1703-0275)
[del] UC-K SB C (1703-0275)
[del] UC-K SB C (1703-0275)

Maestro Island Series

[del] UC-K SB C (1703-0275)

S$ 1,499.00

Sometimes referred to as the Alto, the concert ukulele is just a little bit bigger than the soprano and has a fuller sound. With a longer neck, it is easier to play as there are more room in between the frets compared to the Soprano.

Nothing is quite as distinctive as the golden hue of Pacific Koa. Initially used in the construction of Ukuleles, Pacific Koa has amassed popularity among players and collectors alike over the years with its beatiful, dramatic grain patttern, and just as importantly, its sweet tone. 

SHAPE | Concert
SOUNDBOARD | Solid Western Red Cedar
BACK & SIDES | Solid Pacific Koa
FEATURES | Soundport, Beveled Armrest
BRACING | Quarter Sawn Adirondack Spruce
LINING | Rigid Rim Technology
BINDING | Flame Maple with Wooden Lines
NECK | Khaya Mahogany with Carbon Fiber Rods
BRIDGE | Ebony
SERIAL NUMBER | 1703-0275

Shipping will be calculated volumetrically at 15kg.